Testimonials For Tanya!


Tanya Anticevic has been the lead copywriter on a team of ten writers in all of 2019 for our Local Management content development team. The reason she has served as our lead writer is because she makes very technical concepts easily digestible to general readers, and is fast and dependable. She is an excellent research associate, and writes for clients in many industries, including but not limited to: healthcare, cryptocurrency, elder care, the food and restaurant industries, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, transportation, and the legal profession, among others. She single-handedly wrote the new content for the Local Management website with a tight deployment deadline (three weeks of researching and writing about new initiatives). She is a fantastic right-hand person. I highly recommend her without reservation.

Lorraine Brown, Senior Editor, Local Management


This letter is my official recommendation of Tanya Anticevic as a copywriter, content curator and SEO and SMO specialist. Tanya came to us after having other professional careers that we felt were an asset to her ability as a copywriter. Tanya worked for my agency NADA GLOBAL ADVERTISING for 6 years until I sold my business in 2019 to CiFli Holdings, where Tanya continued to freelance as a copywriting consultant.

Tanya was our lead copywriter and was responsible for creating compelling content for blogs, websites, landing pages, long-form posts, social media, campaign taglines, video scripts, newsletters, brochures and anything that needed fresh ideas and unique copy.  She collaborated well with our marketing team to effectively promote clients and reflect our core values. 

Tanya is quick to pick up on each clients personal brand or style and very adept at assimilating even the most challenging or technical information, for a very wide variety of industries. She is a team player and says yes to every request. I consistently received good feedback about Tanya’s upbeat personality, her high quality writing and she helped us get numerous clients to top of page with her organic SEO skills. 

I highly recommend Tanya for any position that would utilize her many creative skills and talents. If you would like to speak to me about more of Tanya Anticevic’s skills, accomplishments while working for me do not hesitate to call or email me directly.




If you have not had the great pleasure of working with Tanya, you are missing the opportunity to experience this excellent writer and exceptional human being. She has the ability to dive deeply right into a company’s persona and capture, in a short time, the essence of a brand, a look, a feel, a tone, a mood. Her research is always sound, extensive and ideal for the articles, blogs, columns, headlines and posts she writes. Working with Tanya is a delight and not just because she produces professional pieces, but also because she is a leader who is open to suggestions, able to pivot quickly and does all of it with a kindness and lightness–two attributes desperately needed in the workplace. My only suggestion is to double whatever she invoices because you will realize over time that she over delivers. 

Hire her.

Claire (Claire Davis) DeBerg: Director of Accounts + Senior Copywriter at Avenue C

Tanya is word wizard who is passionate about making a difference in the world, one word at a time! She helps clients bust out their brands with copy that pops, taglines that sparkle and fresh, quality content, written or voiced with authority and relevance. 

In the last few years Tanya has been curating high volume SEO blogs, webpages, content, and ad copywriting with a good mix of keyword research, on-page SEO, formatting, and creativity. With top-notch ghostwriting articles written for The Huffington Post and documentary scripts added to her resume, she has become a well-rounded writer held in high esteem by clients as well as colleagues. She has the innate ability to create a unique on brand writers voice for each business and can also personally tailor a voice over tone that is just right for your needs. 

As a writer with a successful top of page SEO content writing history, unique curating skills, a highly diversified list of clients and bonus talents including marketing photography as well as stand out voice over skills, Tanya can be your one-stop-shop for a complete digital marketing package!